Income Tax

At Mudassar and Company Chartered Accountants, we provide you convenient, affordable and professional solutions regarding Taxation. We have a professional team of financial experts and accountants who help our clients from corporate and private sectors regarding income tax. Now you don’t need to worry; our team provides different services like; Preparation and filing of tax returns and filing of wealth statements.  We offer our services relating to income tax to varying clients like corporate, individuals, an association of persons, trusts, registered firms, and nonprofit organizations. We guide our clients in proper tax planning and tax issues, in preparation of information and description and then submit to the tax authorities.

Services Include: 

                   I.            Online filing of Income Tax Returns of the "Business Partner” and its Directors/Partners

                II.            Prepare/draft complete Income Tax planning.

             III.            Manage Professional tax / Labor laws issues

            IV.            All matters of the Chamber of Commerce.

               V.            Follow up the assessment proceedings.

            VI.            Preparation and online filing of monthly and annual statements, as required by law.

         VII.              Representing on your behalf from time to time and whenever it will be required.

      VIII.            Keeping update to your concerned staff regarding the latest circulars, SROs, etc.